Wealth Creation & Investment Planning

Once starting to make a healthy profit, your business can create sustained wealth through investment.  We assist businesses to not only adequately insure against business risk, but to put their profits to work for them.

Growth and Income Producing Investments

Investing business profits in stocks and shares is an undemanding way to grow income, if you know which stocks pay dividends and which stocks will grow. We can help you navigate the playing field.

Retirement Provision

Less than 10% of retirees are financially independent, the other 90% living off the government, community or family. Choosing a retirement plan that can stay ahead of rising costs of living and inflation requires the assistance of a broker.

Unit Trusts

As the most direct access investors have to wealth creation, unit trusts can put excess business profits to good use. Although blue chips are easy enough to buy oneself, we can, with our market experience, ensure the maximum growth of your income and help you understand your liability of taxation.

Retirement Preservation Funds

As the first five years of your retirement savings accounts for a quarter of your final retirement lump sum, cashing in your pension fund when you change jobs cuts down your retirement savings by 25% and affects your tax free portions (due on retirement). Our brokers will help you resist the temptation by setting up a preservation fund for pension transfers.

Education Funds

While specifically catering for your child’s primary, secondary or tertiary education, an education fund acts as a forced saving for the child which can be used, if not for schooling, for such purchases as a vehicle, or deposit for an apartment once their education is completed. We will assist you draft the terms of your child’s fund.

Lump Sum Investments

Referred to as such for the compensation you receive at the end of the term, lump sum investments earn their capital as a long-term investment in investment funds. Although the funds are accessible after a two-month waiting period, these investments take time to grow.

Annuities (voluntary and compulsory)

More than just choosing between voluntary annuities (a pension fund that pays a regular lump sum from a saved accumulation) or compulsory annuities (a pension fund that will pay out for life); a broker will assist you in choosing which type of compulsory annuity suits your requirements.