Personal Risk

Catering for the individual, we offer life cover, income protection and education protection and their derivatives to cover clients’ personal risk.

Life Cover

More than just catering for the loss of financial support of a breadwinner, life insurance, can include disability cover and dread disease as well as income protection should you become incapable of earning a living as a result of an accident or illness. Whether married, divorced, starting a family or a new career, life cover is appropriate for you. Our brokers will assist you in choosing the right cover for your circumstances.

Disability Cover

Depending on your requirements, disability insurance can protect more than your income should you become unable to perform your job. Our brokers will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of functional and occupational disability insurance so you can make an informed decision when taking out a disability cover.

Dread Disease

Similarly, dread disease cover can protect you from more than the loss of income. We at Prosperity Group can assist you determine which benefits you would like to include in your dread disease policy, such as excess medical fees or income lost after treatment during the recovery period.

Income Protection

While dread disease cover and disability insurance cover the medical and recuperation costs, Income protection covers the risk of temporary or permanent disability and dread disease to your income. Prolonged illnesses or accidents that render you unable to earn a living can be catered for with income protection. Ask our brokers for more information regarding income protection.

Education Protection

For more specifically focused illness and accident cover, education protection caters solely for your children’s education upon death, disability or contraction of a dread disease of the policyholder. The Prosperity Group brokers will be able to adapt your policy for your child’s needs, whether they be private tuition or overseas tertiary education.

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