Global Education Protector

From Pre-School to International Tertiary Education

With pre-school, primary school, secondary school and tertiary education combined, the average parent in South Africa will pay R739,000 for one child to complete a local undergraduate degree*. The  Global Education Protector from Discovery Life will cover these costs on death, disability or certain dread disease, without requiring you to take out a life insurance policy.

The Global Education Protector covers all actual costs of your child’s education, including residence at university and required study materials, for the full 16 years of education. The brokers at Prosperity Group will help you customize the cover you need, so that your child’s education is taken care of.


How the Global Education Protector works

  • The Global Education Protector enables you to meet the actual costs of your child’s education – in South Africa and internationally
  • The following years of education are covered:
    • Pre-school: 1 year
    • Primary school: 7 years
    • High school: 5 years
    • Tertiary education: An undergraduate degree or recognised diploma/certificate
  • Benefit payments will cover the actual education fees as well as an allowance of 30% of the fees to cover the costs of university
  • Residence and 10% of the fees to cover the cost of the required books.
  • Discovery Life will require proof of enrolment, proof of fees, and, if applicable, the previous year’s education results.
  • All registered education institutions (public and private schools, schools for learners with special educational needs and home schooling) as set out in the South African Schools Act 1996 are included in this benefit. (The cover recognizes technikons and institutions providing trade-based education as well.)


When the policy is paid out

The Global Education Protector can pay out after the life-changing event of the principal life member or a spouse. The cover can further be adapted to pay out on death, severe illness or disability, in different combinations.

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