Corporate & Group Benefits

Taking care of your organization’s medical and pension requirements, we offer a range of corporate products to suit your company’s needs.

Medical Aid

Included in your company’s financial portfolio, a corporate medical aid scheme (of more than 35 principal members) comes with the added benefit of Dynamic Underwriting, without the penalties of exclusions, premium loadings or late joiner’s fees. Our brokers can advise the best medical scheme for your company, while assisting you with the administration making it effortless to offer essential medical aid cover to your employees.

Pension Funds

The rapidly changing legislative environment makes managing your corporate pension fund yourself a near impossibility. With a speciality in corporate services, we can guide you through this complicated environment, to ensure that you and your employees retire with peace of mind.

Provident Funds

Similar to a pension fund, a provident fund is paid out upon retirement, yet differs from a pension fund in that contributions made by employers to a provident fund are tax deductible. We can assist you to determine whether or not your company invests in a pension or provident fund, and which policy best suits you and your employees.

Corporate Retirement Annuities

An appealing option for its tax deductibility, corporate retirement annuities only allow for such tax deductions to a certain limit. The brokers at Prosperity Group will be able to assist you allocate those non-tax-deductible funds into a more profitable investment.

Group Risk

A group risk policy including life, disability and dread disease cover for your employees comes with the benefit of lower premiums, while still being customizable per member category. Your broker will assist you in determining which life-changing events to cover your group for and which insurer comprehensively caters for your needs.

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