Business Cover

Unlike corporate policies, business cover protects the business from catastrophe, such as the death of a partner or owner. Any business worth its weight in salt should consider business insurance.

Partnership Assurance

Also known as Buy & Sell insurance, partnership insurance enables existing partners to buy back the business interests of a late partner from his or her beneficiaries, who may be under-qualified to fill his or her position. We can source the best policy for your company and assist you in calculating its value.

Keyman Assurance

Losing a key member of any business could result in slow turnover and decline in profitability. Keyman or Key Person Insurance covers this risk of slow income. How much your company needs to recover from such a loss is something our brokers can help you calculate.

Preferred Compensation

The act of paying out a gratuity to employees or key members upon retirement benefits the company by giving staff good reason to stay with company while also boasting tax-deductible premiums and a tax-exempt compensation. We can help you get the most out of your preferred compensation policy.