Bond Originators

Home Loans and Mortgage Applications

Given that property is the single-largest investment most people undertake in their life, applying for a home loan is a daunting task, made even more complex by the legal requirements of the National Credit Act. Navigating our clients through the process, our bond originators provide sound advice and legal assistance when you buy property. Our established relationships with the banks can help process your application quicker while also sourcing a bond that meets your needs.

We at Prosperity Group strive to obtain the best interest rate for our clients by engaging the banks in inter-bank competition, As the banks do not pay us commission, you are guaranteed that our service will always be unbiased and in your best interests.

  • Benefits of bond origination with Prosperity Group:
  • Quick processing of bond applications
  • Sound financial advice
  • Established relationships with the big four banks
  • Understanding of the banks’ parameters and requirements
  • Best interest rates
  • 50% off registration fees when using our conveyancing attorneys

If you would like one of our bond originators to contact you with assistance on your home loan, contact us via email or telephone.

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