Executive Team


Bernie Sher – Director

One of the founding members of Prosperity Group, Bernie Sher is the visionary and strategic partner behind the company. His experience and business acumen lends itself to excellence. As one of the constants at Prosperity Group, Sher continues to hold the company’s standards high.


Ryan Perel – Director

The other founding member of Prosperity Group, Ryan Perel teamed up with Bernie Sher & Roberto Francisco in 2002. As a qualified broker, Perel is not only qualified to oversee operations of the group and manage brokers, but also to practice as a broker from a grassroots level. Perel still consults with clients.


Chris Markatselis – Director

One of the first brokers to join Prosperity Group in 2002, Chris Markatselis specializes in real stature and was recognized for his achievements in the company in 2006 when he was appointed as a director of Prosperity Group. Since then he has become a partner of the company, yet continues to work alongside the brokers, managing the sales team, ensuring that the company maintains its high standard of service.