Personal Risk

With disability, dread disease and income protection included, life assurance is appropriate for everyone; whether you’re married, single, starting a new family or a new career.
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Corporate & Group Benefits

Assist your employees and improve your company’s productivity with our Programme; a fully fledged debt counseling service.
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Education Protector

Ensure your child’s education from Grade 0 with our education protector.
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Vitality Maximisor

Get the most financial gain out of your Discovery Vitality benefit with our free Vitality Maximisor service.
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Bond Originators

Our established relationships with the big four banks means quick home loan applications and the best interest rates on the market.
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Executive Health Management Platform

Executive Health Management Platform. Over a year long process, Prosperity Wellness work together with you following a tailor made programme, designed to improve all the concerns arising out of your Executive Medical.
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Through its focus on the management of risk associated with health and lifestyle of individuals,The Prosperity Group have come to understand the unique positioning the business has to consult,advise and improve on the health, wellness and lifestyle of its clients.With this in mind, The Prosperity Group have launched Prosperity Wellness
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Welcome to our new website

As a multi-licensed insurance brokerage, we, at Prosperity Group, are devoted to sourcing the best in Medical Aid, Asset Protection, Wealth Creation and essential insurance cover for our clients. With our blue-chip insurance partners, we not only eliminate the risk of catastrophe but also the risk inherent in compiling the wrong insurance portfolio.

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